Benefits of The Microsoft Access Platform


By having a well designed database running a business is made a lot easier by automating processing of order, managing stock control and creating powerful reports from the click of a button.


Other benefits of Microsoft Access:

  • Access is one of the most cost effective technologies on the market for small businesses. Customers using it dont even require the access software in order to run the database, it just needs the Microsoft Access runtime package which is free to download and use.
  • Creation of access databases are often much faster than other technologies and therefore more cost effective.
  • Most users are familar with Microsofts other products and their standard user interfaces. This makes learning to use an Access database much faster.
  • Minimal Hardware requirements, no need to spend alot of money on servers
  • Professional reporting tools which are easily interchangable with programs such as Word and Excel
  • Being Microsoft, there is alot of support out there for an Access Database
  • Easy to maintain, modify and support as your business grows
  • The ability to upgrade, should your company grow to such a size, the database can be converted to Microsoft SQL technologies


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