Bespoke Databases & Software Development

Bespoke Database Programming

A computer can be programmed to do just about anything, however its often the case that a program hasn’t been written for exactly the purpose you require, or the off the shelf option just doesn’t have all the features. We can program literally anything you require, just give us a ring or send an email with your idea or requirements and we’ll give you an idea on a price. Below we have included some examples for some work we have done previously

Calendar based system:

For example if you work as a surveyor, dentist, personal finance advisor anything that requires appointments or booking. Why not add an online scheduler to your site? It’s simple the customer sees what slots are available online, clicks the one that is required and books an appointment, this is then made provisionally. You get an email with a button to click to accept or deny. If accepted the appointment is confirmed and an email is sent saying as much, if denied the provisional booking is removed and an automatic email asking tasking the client to try another time.

Complete company database system:

We have worked with a variety of companies from hotels to funeral and financial planning industries. We have create tailored systems written to their exact requirements which goes through the entire process of the initial inquiry to document generation, online filing of all letter, bespoke reports being generates, automatic emails, output directly into sage products etc etc. Whatever your requirements we can provide a solution.

Online capturing of data

Many companies now need to capture data and also send it out for marketing. We can write a variety of different programs to do this task. An example of one is a lead generating company we recently wrote a software package for. This software automatically collects information of all customers as well as suppliers, it then automatically links the two together matching their and sends out emails automatically. It also sends all information directly to their online phone system with details of the call they have to make, the entire thing is automated.

Phone application such as I phone Blackberry

Had an idea for a great new app? Well we can create it for you. Prices start from £500 and we can go through all the stages from the creation of the app to getting registered on Istore and being sold online. Existing companies may want to increase their profile by creating their own app to sell their goods. We are in the process of creating an app for a building merchant, this app will then be sent free of charge to all their customers who with a click of a button will have access to their entire catalog. If you were onsite and in a rush, you had three main suppliers, one had an app which with three clicks the items could be reserved for collection and the others needed you to trawl through their website on a small screen, who would you pick?

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