Email Hosting

Getting the right email address is important. With completion in todays worse ever growing it important to make the right impression, however you look at it having, isn’t very professional. It’s much cheaper than you may think to have your own email address such as

We offer two main types of email hosting: 

Standard mailbox

The standard mail boxes are designed for one person using in one location (I. E with Outlook) with basic access from the web or mobile phone anywhere else. The advantages to these are that they are cheap, the downside is there is no sharing of information and you are responsible for your own backups. 

Hosted Exchange Mailbox

The hosted exchange mailboxes are stored online. Rather than downloading the messages from the server like the standard option, programs such as Outlook ‘sync’ with them. This has the advantage of more than one user being able to access them simultaneously allowing for sharing of contacts and calendars. As this kind of mailbox is stored online all of the messages are automatically backed up so if your computer goes down, you do not lose your messages.

Typical pricing (Subject to change)

Cost of .com domain per year:                                           £20.00
Cost of domain per year:                                         £10.00
Cost of 1x Standard Mailbox per Year:                           £10.00
Cost of 1x Hosted Exchange Mailbox per year:           £120.00

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