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Scrape data from websites – Suppliers, Amazon, Online Directories, Ebay, Competitors etc
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Examples of Web Scraping & Data Mining Uses

Example 1: You work as an estate agent, all of your properties get put straight onto right moves website. Rather than typing in all the properties for a second time and keeping them updates a scraping script can be created to download all of the information direct into your websites database and keep it up to date.

Example 2: You own a clothing shop and 1000 different products from 10 different suppliers. Script can be created which download the product title, images, description, codes and prices. It can even have the ability for you to increase or decrease the price you sell the product in your store by a set %.

Example 3: You wish to conduct market research or research into your competitor. Take groceries for example, a script could be setup to download each of the main stores products, it could then compare the prices of them all to tell you the cheapest, average price etc.

Example 4: You are a company trying to generate leads. Take a spare \ replacement supplier for car and van parts. A scrape could be made which scrapes information from the yellow pages directory which can give you a list of every garage within say 100 miles, a list could be generated with their address, email addresses or telephone number for marketing material.

What is Web Scraping \ Data Mining?

Web Scraping is a programme or script written in a programming language (PHP, Java, .Net, Ajax, Javascript, ASP) that goes through the html of web pages that are targeted in order to scrape/extract information or data for converting unstructured data into structured format or structured records. Anglia Computer Solutions Ltd Web scraping scripts will simulate a person viewing a website with a browser. With one of our scripts designed and running you can connect to a website’s html web pages and request a required information or a pages, exactly as a browser would do. The web server will send back this information which can be outputted in excel, text files or directly to your own database.

The web scraping is also called web crawlingweb extractionweb harvesting. Web Scraping is essentially reverse engineering of HTML pages.

Web Scraping \ Data Mining Service Uses

Web scraping generally describes a means to extract data/information/content from a website’s html webpages for the purpose of transforming that data/information/content into another format suitable for use in another context.

With a script you can gather content or data from online business directories, yellow page business directory, amazon product website, linked social networking website, tripadvsir, hotels booking website, google maps, online product stores, all e-commerce sites, job postings sites, financial sites, online product shopping sites, search engine results, anything you can imagine that is out on the world of internet automatically.

Save on costs

Data entry is time consuming, especially for sellers online. With our web scraping service, It will save a lot of man-hours and money!

Accurate Results.

Our web scraping service will help you to get the most accurate and fast results that cannot be collected by human beings. So that you can generate harvest product pricing data, sales leads, duplicate an online database, capture real estate data, financial data, job postings, auction info and more easily and happily.

Fast Results With 100% Accuracy.

For a job costing 25 human days, a scraping script can finish it in only 3-4 hours. This saves you your time, money, and labour in your business which gives you obvious time-to-market advantage over your company’s competitors.

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